2001 Silver Ford Focus ZTS
(This is a towed or "toad" car)
4 cylinder, 5 speed manual transmission

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This vehicle is used several days a week for commuting, and a few weeks every year for camping.
One year, for example, we camped for almost a month on a round trip
from Boston to New Orleans (by way of Mobile Alabama).

Since it is used so often, there is no "storage stink" or lack of maintenace for tires, lubrication, etc.

We have allergies, so we don't smoke or have pets or allow either in the car.

During the spring and summer we generally leave the tow bar on
(usually covered) so we can go camping quickly.

Some Photographs

The odometer was photographed Wednesday, July 8th, 2009, and shows 86,359 miles. The last gas purchase was December 17, 2009 at 88,150 miles, and "since we bought it" mileage is 29.6 MPG.(Full Size) Looking in the driver side front door. The wires you see are connected to the break-away switch (located under the hood), and plug in to the Brake Buddy (included but not shown) when we are towing.  (Full Size)
Looking in the driver side front door. The leather seats are in good condition, and there are double sets of floor mats front and rear (OEM and aftermarket). The lumbar adjustment for the driver's seat is on the right side of the seat. For a small car, the ride is pretty comfortable.  (Full Size) New England winters are pretty harsh. There are some rust spots on the car, and (I think) this is the worst area. Other spots are on the right side door bottoms and around the trunk lid edge. Those pictures are further down.  (Full Size)
This is the VIN plate, located on the driver door.  (Full Size) And this is the VIN plate on the dash, driver side, behind the windshield.  (Full Size)
As mentioned above, there are after market floor mats on top of the OEM floor mats. The carpet has been well protected. If you look carefully, you can see the hood release handle (black knob in the middle) looks off a bit. The plastic support for the handle broke, and it has not been repaired.  (Full Size) Front left view. The cable coming out from under the hood near side is the break-away cable. The break-away switch is under the hood, and pulling the cable has no effect unless the Brake Buddy is hooked up and plugged in. If you look at the full size picture, you can see the padlocks that keep the tow bar on, and prevent someone from towing the car without permission.  (Full Size)
It was raining when these pictures were taken, but the tires have a good bit of wear left. The fronts are more worn than the rears. The front wear bars are half the tread depth. In other words, from where they are, one-half worn would be to the wear bars. They were purchased November 1th, 2006, and I believe the mileage was about 57,500 miles.  (Full Size) All seats are in pretty good shape. The little patches on the edge of the driver seat are to identify the side air bags. For 2001 Ford offered four options on the ZTS: automatic transmission, stability control, side air bags, and leather seating. This car has side air bags and leather seating.  (Full Size)
There is a little rust on the rear doors.  (Full Size) Tread depth on the rear tires is better. And no, that's not rust on the rear - it was raining and there was stuff on the ground and . . .  (Full Size)
The body is straight, and the car has never been in an accident.  (Full Size) Even with a tow bar, it is pretty decent looking.  (Full Size)
The cable on the driver side is the break-away, and on the passenger side, the wiring for the tow turn/stop lights. When you take the tow bar off, both break-away and light wiring stow under the hood. No holes were made in the firewall or body for these items.  (Full Size) This is the right front tire. Note the missing center piece on this wheel (see next picture).  (Full Size)
Best I can figure is that the center cover on the front right wheel was not replaced correctly at some time, and came off on the road. Finding one was not mechanically important, so I did not try.  (Full Size) The right rear wheel hit a few world class potholes, and has a small crack somewhere. Every two weeks or so, you have to add about 10 pounds of air. Given the cost of a set of new wheels, I never bothered to replace them. The wheels are sixteen inch, and the tires are 205 / 50R 16 size Cooper Lifeliner Touring SLE.  (Full Size)
Power windows and locks were standard on the ZTS. You can see the wiring cable for the tow lights at the top left of the picture. Also note the wood grain trim piece.  (Full Size) Notice that the trim piece is missing on the driver door. The piece is in the door pocket, and could probably be Gorilla glued back on. Or a new piece could be ordered. In any case, I have no plans to repair it.  (Full Size)
As you can see the rear seat and floor area are both in good condition.  (Full Size) Rust is just beginning to start on the bottom rear edge of the right rear door.  (Full Size)
There is some rust showing on the bottom edge of the front passenger door.  (Full Size) This is the inside view of the bottom edge of the front passenger door.  (Full Size)
The trunk in this car is huge! And the cargo net is included in the sale.  (Full Size) The knobs on each side are the releases for the rear seat backs. You can fold forward the rear seat bottom, then fold the rear seat backs down. That gives an amazing cargo area - and you can handle some pretty long loads if the front passenger seat is released too.  (Full Size)
You have to really look closely, but there is a small snag on the carpet on the back of the left rear seat. The full size picture barely shows it - toward the bottom right.  (Full Size) I guess the spare works, but I have never used it. It stores under the trunk floor.  (Full Size)
The right edge of the trunk shows a little bit of rust.  (Full Size) The left edge of the trunk shows a little bit of rust too.  (Full Size)
Other disclosures are:
* A (metallic) power steering hose cracked last November, and was replaced.
* The turn signals no longer cancel automatically - you have to return the handle to center after you complete a turn. There's a cog thingie in the steering wheel - probably a $2 part - that would be a very high labor charge to replace. The air bag, cruise controls and steering wheel would have to be removed to repair this. I have no plans to fix it.
* The driving lights (not the headlights) are dead because of their proximity to the tow bracket. Three halogen bulbs later, I decided to not replace them again :)